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About Me


Artist Statement

  Hello everyone! I am figurative and landscape painter. I've Master’s degree in Art History and Restoration. Took part in a various projects of the preservation and restoration of significant cultural sites of Latvia, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, UK. Also I am a researcher specialist of 16-19th c. painting. During my research and restoration work were restored and rediscovered for art world paintings by Sir Francis Grant PRA (1803 – 1878), Luigi Salvatore Gentile(Primo) (1606 - 1667), Pietro da Cortona(1597 – 1669), Carlo Francesco Nuvolone(1609 - 1702), Wilhelm Timm(1820-1895) and others.


    Background in academic painting have provided a good base for my art, firmly grounded in the realism traditions. Art turned to social themes, such as ethnicity, religion, traditions and humanity. Through my art, I strives to convey the diversity of people and cultures, to show things that people have in common, as human beings.

 I think that the main condition for maintaining balance in an ever-changing world is Respect and Gratitude for the culture that has become your home. Respect for inner and outer Nature. With my art, I appeal to humanity, I try to serve the understanding that life is diverse, but important in any form. We are all different in this diversity, uniqueness and beauty of our planet. But it is important to remember that each person has his own deep heritage. And only respect for another culture will help make our world more peaceful for us, our children and future generations.



Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Award - 2020

Miami Art weeks Miami, USA, 2019 

Swiss Art Expo 2019   Zurich, Switzerland, 2019

Riga Wings   Airport "Spilve", Riga, Latvia, 2019

Art Riga Fair 2018 – Museum of Railway history, Riga, Latvia

International Contemporary Jurmala Art Fair  Jurmala, “LEGEND.Beach”, Latvia, 2017

The Gestures in Art  Made in.. Art gallery, Venice, Italy, 2017

Unity in variety VII The Nehru centre, London, UK, 2017

Autumn 2016 The artist is.. – Annual exhibition of Union of Latvian Artists, Riga, Latvia

St. Petersburg Art Week 2015 Union of St. Petersburg artists, St. Petersburg, Russian federation, (second prize in the category - portrait painting)

Art Riga 2014 FairMuseum of Railway history, Riga, Latvia

Autumn 2013   Annual exhibition of Union of Latvian Artists, Riga, Latvia



  Master's degree in Art History and Restoration (Humanities, Fine Arts, Visual Plastic, Restoration), Latvian Academy of Fine Arts.


  Works are in private collections in USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Latvia, United Kingdom, Russia, Azerbaijan.

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